domingo, 22 de abril de 2012


Let me take by thoughts,
Loose-leaf in the flying wind
From your image!

Are butterflies of emotions,
Flying in galaxies of illusions,
Which blend in my passion!

The sun that surrounds me,
In silent sweetness
An embrace of quiet tenderness,
I'm imagined in your arms,
Cuddle me feel my longing!

I see in the distance of time,
That you return to me,
Although discouragements dunes,
Made walls,
In this oasis of my will,
Try to stop me from you breathe!

Are the lake where swim
And drown my longing!

You are the wind that I dry the tears!

You are the body of the sea in which I lay,
In the waves where you dream,
For the caress of foam that kisses me.