sábado, 9 de fevereiro de 2013


Maybe I will grow old very fast .
But fight for that every day was worth it.
Maybe I suffer many disappointments throughout my life.
But they will lose their importance in the face of acts of love that I found.
Maybe I have not the strength to accomplish all my goals.
But I will never consider myself a loser.
Maybe at some point I suffer a terrible fall.
But do not stay too long staring at the floor.
Maybe one day the sun ceases to shine.
But then I will bathe in the rain.
Maybe one day I suffer injustice.
But I will never assume the role of victim. I may have to face some enemies.
But I will have the humility to accept the hand that will be extended in my direction.
Maybe one of those cold nights, many tears I pour.
But I will not be embarrassed by this gesture.
Maybe I'm wrong countless times.
But I will certainly believe that somewhere someone deserves my confidence.
Maybe in time I realize I made big mistakes.
But do not give up to continue walking my way. Perhaps in the years I miss great friendships.
But I will learn that those who are really my true friends are never lost.
Maybe some people want my hurt.
But I will continue to plant the seed of brotherhood where to go.
Maybe I'll be sad to conclude that I can not follow the rhythm of music.
But then, that music will follow the rhythm of my footsteps.
I may never be able to see a rainbow.
But learn to draw one, even if it is within my heart.
Maybe today I feel weak.
But tomorrow I'll start over, even if in a different way.
Maybe I did not learn all the necessary lessons.
But I have to realize that the true teachings are already written in my soul.
Maybe I depress myself for not being able to know the lyrics of that song.
But I'll be happy with the other skills I possess. I may not have great reason to celebrate.
But I will certainly rejoice in small victories.
Perhaps the willingness to give up everything to become my companion.
But instead of running, I will run after you crave.
Maybe I'm not exactly who I would be.
But I shall wonder who I am.
Because in the end I know that even with countless doubts,
 I am able to build a better life.
And if you have not convinced me that, because as he is saying "the end is not yet"
Because in the end there will be no "maybe" but the certainty that my life was worth it and I did the best I could . "