sábado, 30 de julho de 2011

I learned ... That angels exist, and are present in the pure hearts What should I accept my resignation to pain ... What friends are treasures and should be stored in the vault called the heart ... The days are gone and not coming back more, hence the need to try to live every second ... That is no good evidence, if we can not be seen and called by the son of God! That nature serves us from dawn to dusk, and only ask us respect ... To accept my losses is easier when you see them as learning ... What currencies worthless if they are used only for me, can not help my brother next ... The pain of each is always higher, because I felt it will be difficult for the suffering person ... The sun warms me, the moon makes me dream, I calm the birds, which finally .. God watches over me every second ... So ... What does it cost me to love my neighbor and make you happy ...?